Ranch Life USA became a household name among a group of locals in Cottonwood, CA just south of Shasta Lake in 2014. Ranch lifestyle carries the depth of blood, sweat and tears poured into miles of farmed, grassy earth, laden with beautifully bred and hearty animals. Ranch Life USA is a local Green Mountain pellet grill dealer and a Beef Jerky and clothing retailer.

Ranch Life birthed as a tribute and reminder to the world of work every rancher and ranch-hand has committed their lives to, caring for the land and animals the nation and world benefit from.


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Ranch Life USA aims to include EVERY down to earth individual that wants to blend style with authenticity, the earthy realities and the REAL enjoyment of Ranch, Rodeo and Farm Lifestyle!

A note from Ranch Life USA

Thank you for supporting an important lifestyle that continues to remain a strong thread in the beautiful fabric of our country.

We are honored to support veterans!